2007 ⎜11 min ⎜S-16mm ⎜1.78:1 ⎜Colour & BW
A young boy named Igby discovers an extraordinary natural phenomenon known only as P.U.R.E., which threatens to destroy the entire world!  More...pure.htmlpure.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1
2009 ⎜15 min ⎜S-16mm ⎜1.78:1 ⎜Colour
Eileen finds herself in a sticky situation when she discovers her lover dead after he slips on a bar of  soap.  More...

After a traumatic break up, Russ Kaufman is diagnosed with a rare disease known as Broken Heart Syndrome (BHS) and desperately tries to find a cure that will mend his broken heart before it’s too late.  More...
Death to Charlie!
2006 ⎜11 min ⎜S-16mm ⎜1.78:1 ⎜Colour & BW
A true story of passion, love, betrayal, revolution, and self-preservation! Charlie, a high school student and aspiring playwright, attempts to put on a masterpiece.  More...
2011 ⎜12 min ⎜HD ⎜2.35:1 ⎜Colour
While walking through a forest on his way home from being bullied at school, Marco stumbles across an unconscious man with a gun and briefcase. Thinking the man is dead and that there might be something valuable in the case, Marco begins to pry the man’s fingers off the handle. Little does Marco know – he will soon be forced to defend himself.  More...

2012 ⎜16 min ⎜HD ⎜2.35:1 ⎜Colour