While walking through a forest on his way home from being bullied at school, Marco stumbles across an unconscious man with a gun and briefcase. Thinking that the man is dead and that there might be something valuable inside the case, Marco begins to pry the man’s fingers off the handle. Little does Marco know – he will soon be forced to defend himself.


Marco (Vince Barrese), who is constantly being bullied at school, finds it difficult to confide in his parents and is unable to express his frustration. One morning Marco fakes being sick so that he can avoid the inevitable, but his mother (Deborah Verginella) sees through his act and lectures him on the importance of an education and, with the help of his father (Tony Porfilio), she pressures him to go to school. At the end of the school day, the bully (Conor Campaigne) who has been after Marco finds him and turns him into a bloody pulp. On his way home, Marco decides to cut through a forest and stumbles upon an unconscious man (Graham Gauthier) with a gun and a case. Marco studies the bloodied Man for quite some time and comes to the conclusion that the man is dead. Marco notices that the Man has a silver case clenched in his hand and thinks that there might be something valuable inside. Marco begins to pry the Man’s fingers off of the case, but the Man wakes up and lunges for his gun. In a moment of sheer desperation, Marco is forced to defend himself…

Pathways 2011 ⎜12 min ⎜HD ⎜2:35.1 ⎜Colourfile://localhost/Volumes/Inflo%20Films/IF%20-%20Business/IF%20-%20Website%20/02.%20Media/Stills/IF%20-%20Stills%20-%20Pathways/JPEGS/


Toronto International Film Festival

2011 - Toronto, Canada

Short Cuts Canada Program # 6

Sept 14, 5:30pm @ Bell Lightbox Cinema #2

Sept 15, 1:00pm @ Bell Lightbox Cinema #2

Cinefest Sudbury Int’l Film Festival

2011 - Sudbury, Canada

Canadian Shorts #1

Sept 20, 1:30pm @ Silvery City

Whistler Film Festival

2011 - Whistler, Canada

Shortwork Two

Dec 2, 4:00pm @ Village 8 Cinema

Victoria Film Festival

2012 - Victoria, Canada

Cruel World

Feb 10, 7:15pm @ Parkside

Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Market

2012 - Clermont-Ferrand, France

Writer, Director: Dusty Mancinelli

Producers: Harry Cherniak, Dusty Mancinelli

Director of Photography: Maya Bankovic

Score: Michael J Sinclair

Sound: Adam Clark, Matt Chan

SFX: Chris Nash

Costume Designer: Stephanie Atkinson

Hair & Makeup: Amanda Sousa

First Assistant Director: Marci Mancinelli

Featuring Music by: Donlands & Mortimer

Starring: Vince Barrese, Graham Gauthier, Deborah Verginella, Tony Porfilio, Conor Campaigne







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Palm Springs Short Film Market

2012 - Palm Springs, USA

Independents’ Film Festival

2012 - Florida, USA

Sept 8, 8:30pm

Tallgrass Film Festival

2012 - Kansas, USA

To The Extreme: Dramatic Shorts

Oct 19, 3:30pm @Rock Island Studios Theater

Oct 20, 5:00pm @Rock Island Studios Theater

Hamilton Film Festival

2012 - Hamilton, Canada

Nov 8, 9:30pm @ Main Theatre

Route 66 Film Festival

2012 - Springfield, USA


Best Foreign Short Film

2012 Independents’ Film Festival, Florida, USA

Audience Choice Award

2012 Hamilton Film Festival, Ontario, Canada

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