Eileen, an unhappily married woman, finally decides to put an end to her affair.  After a wild and passionate farewell, her lover takes a quick shower. Eileen is dancing in the next room when suddenly...THWACK!  Her lover slips on a bar of soap and cracks his head open.  Eileen walks into the bathroom.  There’s blood everywhere. He’s dead. This looks bad.  In a state of panic, she decides to clean up the mess and get rid of the body. As new obstacles arise, Eileen's simple plan begins to spiral out of control...

Soap 2009 ⎜15 min ⎜S-16mm ⎜1:78.1 ⎜Colour ⎜Distributor: CBC

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Past Screenings

Toronto International Film Festival

2009 - Toronto, Canada

Sept 13, 9:00pm - Jackman Hall

Sept 14, 3:00pm - Jackman Hall

Sept 16, 2:15pm - Jackman Hall

Cinéfest Sudbury

2009 - Sudbury, Canada

Sept 22, 2:00pm - Silver City

Route 66 Film Festival

2009 - Springfield, USA

Sept 19, 3:15pm - Hoogland Center for the Arts

Edmonton International Film Festival

2009 - Sudbury, Canada

Oct 2, 3:30pm - Empire City Centre 9

Tall Grass Film Festival

2009 - Wichita, USA

Oct 23, 9:00pm - Garvey Center

Oct 24, 4:15pm - Bank of America

Washington DC Independent Film Festival

2010 - Washington, USA

March 13, 9:30pm - Regal Cinema

Nickel Independent Film Festival

2010 - St. John's, Canada

June 25, 9:30pm - LSPU Hall

Writer, Director: Dusty Mancinelli

Producer: Harry Cherniak

Director of Photography: Maya Bankovic

Production Designer: Jillian Shipley

Art Director: Jeannette Nguyen

Editor: Darby MacInnis

Score: Michael J Sinclair

Sound: Rachelle Audet

Sound Designer: Sean Massey

Sound Mixer: Matt Chan

SFX: Brodie Spaull

Costume Designer: Stephanie Atkinson

Hair & Makeup: Olga Kirnos

Featuring Music by: Donlands & Mortimer

Starring: Anne-Marie Caicco, David Kinsman, Joshua McKaye, Graham Gauthier, Ken C. Olsen, Hazel Craig

Kansas City Film Festival

2010 - Kansas City, USA

April 15, 9:15pm - AMC 2

Ohio Independent Film Festival

2010 - Cleveland, USA

June 12, 12:00pm - Beachland Ballroom

Palm Springs Int’l ShortFest

2010 - Palm Springs, USA

June 25, 7:00 pm - Camelot Theatres

June 27, 3:00 pm - Camelot Theatres

Philadelphia Independent Film Festival

2010 - Philadelphia, USA

June 26, 8:00pm - Random Tea Room

June 27, 10:55pm - Media Bureau

LA ShortsFest

2010 - Los Angeles, USA

July 23, 7:45pm - Laemmle Sunset 5 Theaters

Long Island Int’l Film Expo

2010 - New York, USA

July 14, 4:30pm

Detroit Independent Film Festival

2010 - Michigan, USA

Central Florida Film Festival

2010 - Ocoee, USA



Eileen finds herself in a sticky situation when she discovers her lover dead in the shower after having slipped on a bar of soap.